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My Massey Ferguson 1749L is the perfect size for me. It does just what I need it to do. 当它需要维修时, 糖果游戏下载 in Chickasha was friendly and the job was completed in a timely manner.


The best part about LMC is that they ignore the clock on the wall. When they put a piece of equipment in the field, they will stay until they make sure the machine is right for the customer. They are an exceptional dealership to work with.


When you are running a sizable operation, a breakdown is such a horrendous event. You might lose one cutting of hay if you can’t get it baled up. 糖果游戏下载 has supported us so much, keeping that machinery running and giving us something reliable to work with. McPherson says farming is a team effort with several companies but he considers Livingston the main backbone of his operation. We can pick up the phone and we can always count on them. 当我们陷入困境的时候, they know you are in a bind and they come to the forefront to help you get back going. We are really, really fortunate to have that kind of support of system. Some of our other dealerships are not near as reliable as dealing with Livingston.


Great customer service with a knowledgeable and friendly staff.


出色的服务部门! All employees were so helpful and knowledgeable. This will be our go to from now on!


I have personal numbers for many of the service technicians and I know that if I ever have a problem, all I have to do is call them and they will take care of any issue. 事实上, I’ve never run across one of their customers yet who hasn’t been treated like a close friend. Even though the company has gotten bigger and Earl Livingston has retired, the way they treat their customers hasn’t changed. You’re still important to them, whether you own one piece of equipment or a dozen machines.


我已经试过其他人了, but there’s just nothing else that cuts like a Hesston, whether its light hay or heavy hay, they absolutely make the best cut. Plus, they’re easy to set up for different conditions. The other thing is I just have a great relationship with 糖果游戏下载, noting that the closest Livingston store to the Texas farm is still about two hours away, they’re always there when we need them.


I guess the first time I remember Earl, I was 14 and he sold my dad and one of my dad’s neighbors a white Case tractor. We wore two or three of those out, and when we got into the alfalfa hay business, everybody said if you’re going to bale hay you need to go talk to Earl. I like to do business with people I like. I have never met anybody associated with 糖果游戏下载 that I didn’t feel like I could trust 100 percent, The service and the way you are treated is what keeps me there. Sometimes, with the bigger equipment dealers you lose that personal interaction, he said. That’s one thing Livingston’s has been able to keep. 这就是我们不断回来的原因.


伟大的部分部门, I needed a part for an old Hesston baler that I was afraid that I’d have ordered but they had it in stock I was back running that afternoon.


This is a great place to do business with. Shop Personnel are very knowledgeable and get the job done. 部分 and sales are also top notch! I drive 250 miles to use their shop!


The guys there sacrifice their personal lives, like a farmer, to put up a crop. No matter what time of day, if there’s work to do they are here doing it. Thats the type of employees that are at Livingstons. 他们关心顾客. 那是一件值得骄傲的事. Pretty much everything we have in operation is through this dealership. They might get beat by another dealership by $500 to $1000. But that $500 to $1000 you are spending at Livingstons, you will not get service from anybody else like it.


I bet the Fendt 930 cuts fuel costs in half. It’s unreal how much it will save us in a year. I planted the whole 900 acres on two tanks, which is roughly 300 gallons. It would have taken 400 to 450 gallons of diesel on the older tractors. I can bale a couple of cuttings of hay without having to fuel up. With the old Case 7240 I had to fuel up every time I baled hay. That’s pretty significant with the fuel costs. It has air ride suspension and air brakes, I don’t have to go down a hill scared I can’t stop the grain drill anymore. 其光滑的骑. You don’t feel beat up after you get through baling hay 8 to 10 hours. Livingston has given the best service we could ever ask for. They’ve been our number one equipment dealer. 关于 95 percent of our equipment comes from them.


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